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Our Mission

We are here to take the grind out of life. We create tools that take the work out of prepping and enjoying your tobacco, tea, or spices. Our cutting edge tools are not only conveniently pocket-sized and heavy-duty, but they are USB-rechargeable and cool to look at and use.



Our first product to launch is E-Shredder™, a portable electric organic material shredder. The patented technology behind E-Shredder produces a unique way of pulling organic material apart at it’s weakest link, as opposed to cutting like traditional grinders. This preserves more of the natural components and flavors, allowing for greater taste and less waste. The unique shredding technology provides perfectly grounded material without grinding up stems and seeds, making it very easy to separate what you want from what you don't.

The E-Shredder™ is perfect for novice users and veterans alike, maximizing the yield from every shred.

Shreds in seconds &
Maintains 99.9% of original product.


Easy to charge USB port.
Pocket-sized & portable.

100 grinds per battery life.

100% BPA Free.
 Made and manufactured in the USA.
Carbon fiber withstands up to 1,000 lbs of weight

Select your grind, whether dry or wet material  
you can control how refined you want your tobacco, spice or tea.

Comes with convenient storage bag.  

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