E-Shredder™  by Aux Tools

by Aux Tools

Stop grinding your tobacco.
Start shredding.

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A Shredder  for everyone.

A Shredder
for everyone.

Compact enough to travel with you.

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Portable, Rugged & Long Lasting

Portable, Rugged
& Long Lasting

Go anywhere with a battery that will last
for 100 uses per charge.

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Use for tobacco, teas, spices
and so much more!

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What is shredding?

Shredding is the practice of breaking down organic material into its most perfect form. Our patented E-Shredder™ provides zero prep work.
What is shredding?

Why shred instead of grind?

Simply put, this product was designed for organic materials. The unique process of shredding tears the product at its weakest link, rather than haphazardly cutting like traditional grinders. This preserves more of the natural components and flavors, allowing for greater taste and less waste.
Zero Prep Work
Shred your tobacco, tea or spice in under three seconds, without having to remove seeds and stems in advance.
Controlled Consistency
Press for three seconds to achieve perfectly shredded, roll-ready tobacco.
Quality Guaranteed
100% BPA-free material sourced and manufactured in the USA. All products are covered under our Limited Warranty.
  • Is this a GRINDER or SHREDDER?

    Is this a GRINDER or SHREDDER?

    We think of this as a SHREDDER! The most powerful grinder in the world. This small device is so very powerful, it will take your whole product and slash it into the perfect size. And it only takes a few seconds

    Is this a GRINDER or SHREDDER?